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In 2023, recognizing the increasing demand for comprehensive home concierge management, we decided to combine our expertise to establish a service that instills complete trust and confidence in our clients.

Sunny C Property Management provides a vibrant and professional, holistic end-to-end service. Our philosophy is simple: we believe in finding solutions rather than saying "no." We make the seemingly impossible, possible—within reason.

Our bespoke home concierge and caretaker service is designed to take care of your home away from home. Whether you live interstate or overseas, we alleviate the stress of managing your property. From monthly maintenance and pool cleaning to regular house checks and scheduled cleans, we offer a broad range of services. We also conduct regular inspections and can tailor unique arrival by adding pantry fill, linen changeover and more , ensuring your experience is exceptional.

With a commitment to excellence, we take pride in offering services that truly set your property apart.

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What we will do for you

Sunny C Property Management offers an exceptional Home Concierge Service, surpassing traditional property management. From Residential Home owners to investor's. 

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 Property Maintenance

Property maintenance ensures your space is well-cared-for, addressing repairs, conducting routine inspections, and preserving its integrity. It encompasses a range of services, from cleaning and landscaping to addressing specific needs, ensuring your property remains in optimal condition.

 Arranging Cleaning Services

The property will be prepared before your arrival, during your stay and after your departure. This service can be actioned as often as you require. With any cleaning that takes place in the client’s absence, management will be present to oversee and ensure services are executed to a high standard

 Arranging Repairs & Maintenance

Repairs are always arising and need to be actioned quickly. If something comes up, we will immediately tackle any maintenance issue head on with one of our many trusted contractors. We will inform you of the issue and seek permission to proceed.

 Client Arrival Preparation

Before you are due to arrive back at your property, we will have the property fully cleaned and prepared for your arrival.. From pool cleaning, and landscaping to pantry fill and making beds, we cover it all.. Your home, our priority.

 Regular Inspections

We will conduct regular property inspections to ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible.

 Utility Bill Organisation

We will take your utility bills and ensure they are paid making sure your property remains well managed and in safe hands at all times.

 Dealing With Any Emergencies

We will be on hand to deal with any emergencies that arise.

 Secure Key Holding

You can trust us to securely store and keep your keys.

 Liaison With Contractors

We keep a close eye on all work that contractors are doing at your property to ensure it is completed to the highest possible standard.

Prioritising your property

We prioritise home maintenance, ensuring your residence remains a haven of comfort and luxury. Our dedicated team conducts routine inspections and addresses repairs promptly to uphold your home’s integrity. Our pool cleaning services use cutting-edge techniques for a crystal-clear pool, and our landscaping is tailored to your preferences, creating a picturesque outdoor space.

In summary, our comprehensive services aim to meet the highest standards in home maintenance, from pool care to landscaping, ensuring your property is well-cared for even when you’re away. We strive for a hotel-standard experience when you return.

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Our Residential Packages

Our property management packages are designed to cater to the diverse needs of property owners, offering flexibility in terms of duration and services.

If you aren't sure what package best suits your property, get in touch and one of our friendly staff will be available to assist.

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If you are planning a month away trip overseas this is perfect for you. A monthly property management agreement is a dynamic and adaptable solution for homeowners seeking efficient property oversight and maintenance. Each month, property management professionals take on various responsibilities, including property maintenance and promptly addressing any emerging issues. This contract offers ultimate flexibility, enabling property owners and management companies to continually evaluate their working relationship and make necessary adjustments as the need arises. It guarantees that property owners can have confidence that their investments are well-managed and maintained, all while having the freedom to make changes or terminate the contract at the end of each month. We will have your pantry filled upon arrival, linen changed and home fully maintained.

Inclusions: Linen Change Over and Pantry Fill, optional.

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Three Month

A 3-month property management contract is crafted to provide homeowners with a shorter-term yet comprehensive solution for overseeing and maintaining their properties. Over this duration, property management professionals assume various responsibilities, such as property maintenance and addressing any issues that may arise. This contract allows property owners and management companies to assess their working relationship over a more immediate timeframe and make necessary adjustments. It provides a balance between short-term commitments and the stability of longer contracts, offering property owners the assurance that their investments are in capable hands while also allowing them to revisit their needs at the end of the 3-month period.

Inclusions: 1 x Airport Transfer, x 2  Linen Change Over & 1 x House Clean upon Arrival , optional.

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Six Month

A 6-month property management contract offers homeowners and landlords a flexible and comprehensive solution for ensuring their properties are well-maintained and efficiently managed. During this timeframe, property management professionals take on various responsibilities, including , property maintenance, and addressing any issues that may arise. This duration allows both property owners and management companies to evaluate the working relationship and make adjustments as necessary. It provides a balance between short-term commitments and long-term stability, giving property owners the peace of mind that their investments are in capable hands while allowing them the option to reassess their needs at the end of the contract.

One of each inclusions are offered within the 6 month contract. Monthly Property Management Fees apply.

Inclusions: 1 x Airport Transfer, 3 x Pantry Fill, 3 x Linen Change Over.

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Twelve Month

A 12-month property management contract offers property owners and landlords a more extended period of stability and comprehensive service. Over the course of a year, property management professionals take on the responsibilities of tenant management, property maintenance, and resolving any issues that may arise. This longer commitment allows for greater continuity in managing the property and can often result in cost savings and more efficient operations. Property owners can enjoy a worry-free investment knowing that their assets are in capable hands for an extended period, and it also offers the opportunity for a deeper and more established working relationship with the management company.

Two of each inclusions are offered within the 12 month contract. Monthly Property Management Fees apply.

Inclusions: 2 x Airport Transfer, 6 x Pantry Fill, 6 x Linen Change Over.

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Our Inclusions

Where convenience meets luxury, and your every need finds its home.

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  • Linen Changeover

    Linen housekeeping ensures your home is adorned with fresh, meticulously maintained linens, providing comfort and a touch of luxury upon arrival.

  • Grocery Shopping

    Convenient grocery shopping service saves you time and effort, with experts handpicking quality items and delivering them to your doorstep and into your pantry.

  • Transport

    Reliable airport transport service offers seamless, stress-free journeys, ensuring punctual arrivals and departures, and a comfortable travel experience.

  • House Cleaning Service

    Professional house cleaners maintain cleanliness, providing convenience and a healthy home environment with meticulous cleaning services

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