Short term & holiday property management

Short-term rental property management focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities of properties rented out for brief durations, typically days or weeks. This specialisation requires a keen eye for marketing, quick turnover, and exceptional guest experiences. Managers must coordinate check-ins, cleanings, and maintenance efficiently to maximize occupancy and revenue.

Making your guests stay memorable

Guest satisfaction and online reviews are paramount in this fast-paced sector, making effective communication and problem-solving skills essential.

Short-term rental property management offers the potential for high returns but demands constant attention to detail, ensuring a memorable stay for guests and profitability for property owners.

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Tea Good


Enjoy our preferred selection of Teas during your stay. Tea Good blends have been intentionally formulated with potent adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, roots and herbs from Ayurveda.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal Medicine, to awaken, nourish and strengthen the body, mind and soul. Each cup provides an opportunity to reconnect with our health, the land, support organic-conscious farmers, and contribute to positive social and environmental impact.



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saya body wash


Our guests are well taken care of with Saya.

We're thrilled to announce that Sunny C Property Management is now a Saya stockist, forging a wonderful partnership with a local business.

Embrace the essence of 100% Australian-made & owned luxury in every home with our Lime & Lemongrass body wash.

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noosa chocolate factory chocolate

Noosa Chocolate Factory

The Noosa Chocolate factory specialises in panning (chocolate coating) using our own blend of high percentage cocoa dark chocolate. However, they also have an extensive milk and white chocolate range.

All products are 100% palm oil free.

Everything that leaves the Noosa Chocolate Factory is handcrafted with passion, made fresh from scratch and delivered to our guest upon arrival.

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